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Technical Personnel Dispatching and Outsourcing Services

Technical Personnel Dispatching

Japan Inspection Co., Ltd. (JIC) have been providing dispatch services since 2004 under Japan’s Worker Dispatching Act, by dispatching experienced technical personnel (particularly qualified engineers and technicians), to our clients for specified periods of time in response to their requests, and also providing operational support during the dispatch period in order to improve business efficiency.
We work to achieve the best match for each dispatch order we receive from our clients, by taking into consideration the work experience and qualifications of the personnel we propose to dispatch.

JIC has contracts in place with many experienced engineers who are qualified in the areas of quality assurance, quality control, construction management, safety, procurement, design, manufacturing, etc., of mechanical and electrical equipment, and who can supplement our clients’ staff in the work that needs to be carried out.
In addition, we can also support the working departments of our clients by providing technical staff for thermal and nuclear power plants, construction of various plant facilities, operation maintenance, and manufacturing, amongst others.
We are available for assignments throughout Japan upon request, and we place great importance on matching the engineers we dispatch to our clients' needs.

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
    The engineers we dispatch are experienced in power generation plants, chemical plants, metal material/processing manufacturing, shipbuilding, engineering companies, etc. (specifically in the fields of safety management, site management, construction management, design, development, manufacturing, manufacturing technology, production management, installation, operation and maintenance, facility management, quality control, testing, inspection, measurement, engineering, procurement, technical sales, etc.).
  • Technical Specialists
    The technical specialists we dispatch are qualified in welding techniques, welding inspection, non-destructive testing technology (i.e. radiographic examination, ultrasonic examination, magnetic particle testing, dye penetrant examination, electromagnetic induction testing, leakage testing, etc.), pressure vessel manufacturing technology, surface treatment technology, machining technology, radiation management, and mechanical & electrical testing, to the ASME Code, the Japan Electricity Business Law, the Japan High Pressure Gas Safety Law, and others.
  • Outsourcing Services
    When clients have a variety of technical issues that need to be resolved, such as the preparation of technical documents and reports that must be delivered on a specific timeline, or conducting investigations related to the laws and regulations of various countries, including Japan, that must be complied with when entering new technological fields, JIC can offer outsourcing services whereby JIC’s group of experienced engineers will carry out the required investigative services and deliver the required results by the delivery date specified by the client.

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