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Industrial Inspection Service

Business Overview

We provide inspections as either a third party inspection agency or on behalf of customers. Utilizing our many years of accumulated engineering inspection know-how, our Industrial Inspection support services offer tangible results in response to customer requests. These services cover all kinds of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation facilities from large industrial plants, to single part items such as valves, instrumentation equipment, etc. We respond quickly and effectively throughout Japan and in many areas around the world, sending local inspectors through our network with overseas inspection agencies, or dispatching Japanese inspectors directly from our company.

Inspection, Quality Control, Field Expediting for Plant Facilities

We deploy engineers who are familiar with the inspection, quality control and field expediting of plant facilities in accordance with the applicable regulations, standards and customer requirements. The site maybe to both domestic and overseas fabrication and construction sites. They provide precise, high quality technical services including advice in all matters of fabrication such as welding technique, non-destructive testing, surface treatment, etc.

  • Power generating facilities
    Nuclear / Thermal / Wind / Hydraulic / Solar / Fuel cell / Diesel
  • Chemical plants
    Oil refinery / Petrochemical / Fertilizer / Resin /Other general chemical plants
  • Steel plants
    Blast furnace / Sintering / Cokes
  • Water treatment facilities
    Seawater desalination, Ultrapure water / Pure water / Industrial water
  • Waste incineration plants
    Waste incinerating furnace / Waste recycling facilities / Power generating facilities
  • Electrical industrial plants
    Semiconductors / liquid crystal / PC-boards, etc.
  • Regional heating and cooling facilities
    Various ventilating and air conditioning facilities
  • Various processing facilities
    Rubber / Plastics / Vinyl, etc

Inspection for Single Item of Equipment

We employ many technical staff with rich experience cultivated in various fields of engineering, including design, development, manufacturing and construction. We perform the most appropriate, equipment specific, inspection in accordance with the applicable regulations, standards and customer requirements. We provide appropriate and timely support for the inspection, quality control, process and progress control from the beginning of processing the materials to the completion of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation of the equipment.

  • Equipment
    Boilers / reactors / heat exchangers / pressure vessels / storage containers and tanks / air-driers / mist-separators / air-filters / filters
  • Machinery
    Steam and gas turbines / compressors / pumps / blowers / fans / agitators / cranes / conveyors / reducers / general industrial machinery such as kneaders and crushers / gears for packing machines / couplings
  • Electrical equipment
    Power-board, power generators / electric motors / transformers / switch-gears / circuit breakers / UPS / VFD / electric cables / submarine fiber optical cables
  • Instrumentation
    Control panels for temperature control / pressure control / flow control / direction control / driving control
  • Piping
    Sheets / tubes / joints / valves (control valves, manual valves, safety valves) / accessories (flow meters, thermometers, pressure gauges, orifices, venturi tubes / traps / sight glasses)
  • Steel structures
    Furnace body / ducts / turbine enclosures / filters / dust collectors / other casings
  • Marine facilities
    Drilling facilities for oil and natural gas / ocean floating facilities for LNG

Inspection of Steel Pipes and Tubes

Piping for applications such as, OCTG and line pipes used for drilling and transportation of petroleum and natural gas, steel pipes and tubes for heat-exchangers, are required to be made according to exacting standards. They are manufactured in accordance with the applicable standards and customer specifications requiring stringent control of visual and dimensional characteristics, material composition, soundness of mother and weld metal, strength and impact toughness, corrosion resistance and threaded connections. Depending on our customer’s needs, we provide various levels of witnessed inspection services being the eyes and ears for our customers.

[Items to be inspected]
Seamless steel pipes, electric resistance welded steel pipes, UOE steel pipes, roll bending steel pipes, clad steel pipes, high frequency induction bended steel pipes, etc.

[Level of witnessed inspection]

  • Spot witnessing with visual and dimensional inspection on final products
  • Reviewing manufacturing and inspection records, mill’ s inspection certificate and other documents
  • Verification for the following processes in accordance with the Inspection and Testing Plan :
    Raw material manufacturing / pipe making / heat treatment / non-destructive testing (ultrasonic testing / UT, magnetic particle testing / MT, liquid penetrant testing / PT, radiographic testing / RT) / visual and dimensional inspection / coating inspection / mechanical and corrosion resistance testing / ship loading inspection
  • Monitoring for Manufacturing Progress (Expediting)

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