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Marine Business

Business Overview

In October 1963, we started the business having obtained authorization from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, (former the Ministry of Transport) to perform appraisal and calibration under the Port Transport Business Act. We started at first with draft survey of imported iron ore, coal, etc. and presently we are engaged in loading and condition survey of steel products for export, quality inspection, damage evaluation, hatch inspection, hold inspection, etc. With regard to loading survey, persons who experienced captain and have plenty of knowledge on various products cultivated over many years respond quickly to the customers’ request as marine surveyor.Furthermore, we started to engage without delay in environmental protection related activities of ports and rivers, and are now expanding and promoting various works including inspection for prevention of marine contamination (patent registered), inspection for leak-prevention during refueling, etc. With respect to inspection and evaluation works overseas, we are developing our activities globally utilizing the networks with overseas affiliated inspection companies.

Marine Survey Businesses

  • Draft survey and calibration
    From the difference of draft before and after cargo loading or unloading, namely by measuring the difference of displacement of a ship, the weight of the cargo is calculated.
  • Loading survey, condition survey
    An inspection certifying that at the time of loading the cargoes have been loaded in the manner that they can be transported safely to the destination without being moved or shifted during the voyage. We also make guidance or recommendation of the manner of loading.
  • Hatch survey
    When a ship arrives at the destination port with cargoes loaded and the hatch is opened, the condition of the cargoes will be surveyed and if there is any seawater damage, cargo shifting, impact damage, etc will be confirmed.
  • Cargo damage evaluation
    From the condition of the damaged cargo, we evaluate the degree of damage, pursue the cause and identify who is responsible. We further prepare the evaluation report necessary for claiming procedures of the damage.
  • Supervising
    Our experienced marine surveyors will conduct the instruction and supervision when loading various types of cargoes for the safe voyage.

Inspection Business

  • Condition survey
    Current condition of cargo prior to loading (quantity, quality, marking, packing) will be inspected.
  • Cleaning inspection of the hold
    Whether the conditions of the cargo hold after cleaning is suitable for loading the cargo will be checked..
  • Attendance inspection of refueling
    In order to prevent the oil from leaking outside the ship, when refuelling is made, the fuelling works will be supervised.
  • Delivery and Re-delivery survey
    When chartering or returning a ship, we will investigate correctly the conditions of the ship, investigate and certify if there is any damage caused during the chartered period. We will also investigate and certify the quantity of bunker oil consumed and remaining.
  • Sample inspection
    Sample specimen will be collected from various cargoes, and test and analysis will be performed to determine the quality of the cargo.
  • Overseas marine survey
    In cooperation with many inspection companies overseas, we will develop global marine inspection and evaluation business.

Environmental Business

  • Supervision for the prevention of contamination during refueling
    We can provide instruction and supervision for the refueling of ship’s to prevent leakage.
  • Inspection for prevention of marine contamination
    In order to forestall marine contamination by ships, we will arouse the attention of captain and chief engineer of the ship prior to entry to the port and give advice about the measures for preventing the accident. The prevention of various marine contamination and water pollution and preservation of waterway and will perform researches and give advices so that the preservation of marine environment is securely performed.

Reference testing block for verifying testing machines

  • Sales of reference testing block
    As the sole agent of YC-Charpy V-Notch Test Blocks, our Marine Businesss Division is supplying the reference testing blocks approved as NK Class in accordance with JIS B 7740.

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